Richard Larter

Often identified as a Pop Artist, Richard Larter (1929-2014), in addition to his fascination with the human figure and tabloid imagery, was well respected for his abstract works and paintings inspired by nature. Born in London in 1929, he moved to Australia in 1962 with his wife, muse, model, collaborator and artist Pat Larter (1936-1996).

Richard Larter experimented across a range of media during his more than fifty-year career, including in film and performance art, but he is best known as a painter. This experimental spirit is reflected in his varied approach to painting: early in his career he utilized hypodermic syringes to apply house paint to Masonite, later using rollers and incorporating elements of screenprints, found objects, glitter and photoscans into his work.

In 2011 Richard Larter received the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to painting and he is the subject of a number of important exhibitions including the 2008 National Gallery of Australia, Canberra show Richard Larter: a Retrospective; Stripperama, at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne; Richard Larter: A Survey at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne; and Richard Larter: Paintings: 1965 – 1985, Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane. His work is held in all major public collections within Australia, as well as important private collections nationally and overseas.

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Richard Larter, O Jam, 1974, acrylic on canvas, 145.5 x 93.5cm, 17299

O Jam, 1974
acrylic on canvas
145.5 x 93.5cm

Selected Stock

Richard Larter
Pat, 1966
synthetic polymer paint on hardboard
121 x 61cm

Richard Larter
Pat after the meal, 1994
acrylic on canvas
90.5 x 110cm

Richard Larter
Screech, 2004
acrylic on canvas
121 x 92cm

Richard Larter
DILY, 1967
acrylic on compostion board
182 x 121cm

Richard Larter
The identity that was almost, 1972
acrylic on canvas
175 x 240cm

Richard Larter
Exuberant Pat, 1972
acrylic on canvas
180 x 210cm

Richard Larter
Lay over, 2002
acrylic on canvas
122 x 86cm

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