Robert Klippel

Robert Klippel (1920 - 2001) was an Australian constructivist sculptor, generally considered to be one of Australia's finest contemporary sculptors.

Klippel was born in Potts Point, Sydney and throughout his youth developed a passion for model making. He trained to be employed within the wool industry, although in 1939 he joined the Royal Australian Navy. During his service in World War II he was commissioned to make models of planes for the Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships at the Gunnery Instruction Centre, Sydney.

Whilst working for the Royal Australian Navy he was able to attend evening classes in sculpture under the tutelage of Lyndon Dadswell at East Sydney Technical College. After his military discharge Klippel attended the college for a full year. He then left Australia in 1947 to study at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, where he studied for six months. Later he periodically spent time in Paris and the United States.

Klippel employed a diverse variety of found materials for his sculptural assemblages, producing works of a wide ranging scale - from small and intimate pieces, to large wooden compositions in the 1980s.

Robert Klippel, No. 806, 1989, wood assemblage, height: 151cm, 7211

No. 806, 1989
wood asemblage
height: 151cm