Yvonne Kendall

Yvonne Kendall's work has undergone a subtle shift in recent years. Rather than the grotesque foam and wax, deconstructed toys and bedding, there is a new delicacy to her materials. Crepe paper has been cast and moulded, taking fragile outlines of found objects. With this change in materials there has also been a new direction in subject matter, birth and knowledge have become the resounding themes in recent shows.

Kendall, whilst maintaining a solo career, has also worked collaboratively with her partner Henning Eichinger. In a show at the Marburg Universitatsmuseum in Germany, Eichinger and Kendall exhibited work focusing on artichokes. This vegetable was taken as a suggestive symbol that could speak of fertility and protection.

While first coming to prominence at art spaces such as Ether Ohnetitil and Linden Gallery, Kendall's work has now found a larger audience in both Australia and overseas.

Kendall was born in 1965 in Birmingham, England. From 1985 to 1987 she studied sculpture at Victoria College, Prahran campus. Her work features in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria and Artbank. She lives and works in Germany.

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Yvonne Kendall, Home swan (detail), 2011, curtain material, string, glue, 50 x 106 x 35cm, 15124

Home swan (detail), 2011
curtain material, string, glue
50 x 106 x 35cm